Lisa Fischer

Charities: Heifer International

On the planet in which we live, Arkansas is just a tiny dot in the middle of the western hemisphere. But that tiny dot carries a lot of weight when it comes to dealing with hunger and fighting it. Heifer International, in our backyard in central Arkansas, is changing the mindset and lives of communities by using a new technology that can feed 150-200 people a day powered just by wind and sun. With a half a million Arkansans struggling with hunger, this aquaponic technology can serve us here by fulfilling Heifer's two main goals: end poverty/hunger and protect the earth.


It starts with a 40x60 unit that is climate-controlled and is known as "farmerless farming." That's what Ryan Cox from HATponics called it. He's the president of the company and showed off the space for media earlier in November. He told the crowd before we viewed the facility that, "It's our responsibilty to use our resources wisely, and it's our responsibility to treat our neighbors kindly." He explained that the aquaponic "farm" is 100% off the grid yet this technology can address hunger. He said whether it's in Haiti or around the corner from where we are in Little Rock, there is hunger. And this type of farming will make communities self-sufficient and tackle the one hurdle they all experience: lack of food.

The unit recycles water that farms fish and then the same water could actually water the hydroponic plants. Seeing the seeds sprout so quickly is exciting. And this was the day after our little "snow storm" in the state, yet the unit was totally unaffected. It is climate-controlled year-round.

With your children, take a drive out to Heifer to see the aquaponic farming. With your church group, find a way to support what they do. For your Christmas gifts, give the gifts that feed the hungry. It's all done at Heifer. Follow this link to do your part.