Lisa Fischer

I need some ME Time

Dear Lisa,

I'm a stay-at-home mom who needs to get out more. I have a relative who can watch my baby. What should I do?

- I need some me time

Dear Yes, You Do Need Me Time:

First, start thinking about the things that float your boat. Is it alone time? Do people energize you? Wanna just go take a nap in a hotel room with room service delivered? Really think about what you could do for an afternoon away. If money were no object, what would it be? Just an afternoon, not a month. Then work from there. You might want to go to the library and read magazines without anyone asking you to wipe a butt. It might be to go on a walk, again with no noses to wipe either. I would leave when my kids were in bed and go have girl talk with my besties. Once I didn't get home until after midnight. This was in an era before cell phones, and my husband had no idea where I was. It was so liberating just to have some time without anyone I birthed or married. Once you master the "mom-escapes-just-for-a-few-hours" down to a science, then do something really wacky. Take a class. Learn a trade. Keep your mind busy. You know the adage, "the days are long but the years are short." It's true.

Parenting is hard. Mothering can be lonely. You're making huge sacrifices to be the best mommy you can be, Don't forget to take care of you.

You is smart. You is kind. You is important. And you need a glass of wine.

Take care of yourself.