Lisa Fischer

Intermittent Fasting

Lisa Fischer offers monthly Zoom calls for those interested in trying intermittent fasting. She presents it in a clear and concise manner and uses her own story (intermittent fasting since November 2017) along with the science behind it. Interested? She has a new group every month. Email her at and see when the next group starts.

Read what people are saying about getting coached by Lisa Fischer:

"I attended Lisa Fischer's inaugural Zoom class for Intermittent Fasting. I loved the convenience of learning from Lisa and the other participants in the comfort of my home. Although I'd read the first two books on the subject by Gin Stephens, I still learned so much from the personal sessions that Lisa offered. Lisa makes everyone feel very comfortable and encourages participants to share and ask questions. We learn from each other as the class progresses. I would highly recommend this class for those who know a little about the subject or those who are completely new to the topic."

Phyllis R.