Lisa Fischer

Meet Lisa

Lisa Fischer was created to communicate. From an early age at a pre-school in Roselle Park, NJ, to being suspended twice from her high school in southeast Arkansas for various talking infractions, she has always been known for her gift of gab. The serendipitous event of her high school was being named “Most Talkative” which is a title that’s since been retired. Well, the school burned down shortly after her younger brother graduated. We are still unsure of any connection. In between cities, she was somehow put into a middle school cafeteria that prohibited talking during the lunch hour. We assume those administrators in Gretna, LA, hated children.

Lisa started to realize in college where she emceed the pep rallies at the University of Arkansas and where she was a spokesman for her sorority, the founding chapter of Chi Omega, that her journalism degree could help use even more words! She graduated with a journalism/public relations/advertising degree and her goal was to chat it up, whether on TV, radio or in print. For her, she was able to do it all.

Lisa first entered broadcasting as a desk assistant (glorified coffee-getter) at the ABC affiliate in Little Rock, AR. That stint lasted less than a year as the station experienced budget cuts, and somehow her merely-more-than-minimum-wage-job was eliminated. That’s when a local news/talk radio station asked if she wanted to host her very own radio show. At 23! The answer was yes, and hosting an afternoon talk show on an AM station in the 80s when there were no cell phones or Internet access made perfect sense to her to blather about nothing. She also hosted a TV segment on the local NBC affiliate as well as being a part-time entertainment reporter. She then married the love of her life and had three children, so she retired from broadcasting to homeschool her children. She came out of retirement in 2006 to fill-in on radio station, B98.5 in Little Rock, making this her fourth radio job. She semi-retired from B98.5 in June, 2018. Lisa and her husband are empty-nesters now who like watching objectionable material on Netflix and staying up late on Friday nights. Like until 10:30 p.m.

Lisa is in her 33rd year as a journalist in Little Rock, AR. She is also a TV pitchman for home improvement clients across the country (hey, Philly and Atlanta, recognize this face?) She is a contributor for AY Magazine and Arkansas Money and Politics, a podcaster, a future YouTube sensation, and you can hire her for any digital project you might have.