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Why would anyone start a podcast with all the competition that exists? Well, I'm that person who is going to take a stab at it. I'm a longtime broadcaster; I have interviewed thousands of people since the mid 1980s when I began working as a radio/tv journalist and broadcaster. I was either sent on a story and told to "bring back some sound," that's TV talk for audio, or I was interviewing people for a radio show I hosted (the Lisa Fischer Show), I was still asking the questions I was expected to ask. So now it's my turn. Interviewing the people I want to interview and asking the questions I want to ask. You see, I have snobby ears. I don't always think podcasters do a great job on their podcasts, which of course they will say about mine. But mine is going to be unique to me, representing the way I interview. You'll either like it or you won't. Either way, give it a listen and leave a review. Here is the lineup.

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Here is the lineup of guests on the Lisa Fischer Said podcast:

Episode 1 Click this link to listen to Gin Stephens, author of Delay Don't Deny; Feast Without Fear; and Fast. Feast. Repeat. All books available here.

Episode 2 David Bazzel. Former Arkansas Razorback and media personality on 103.7 The Buzz and KATV. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Episode 3 Laura Leigh Turner. Broadway star in Mean Girls. Former pageant darling. She has her own podcast entitled Living in the Light. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Episode 4 Rebekah Fowlkes. Full disclosure: Rebekah is like a daughter to me. I met her in 1990 when she was 5, and her mother and I were in a Bible study. She's a leader in network marketing, but we talked about the Enneagram on this episode. Follow her on social. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Books/audio books she recommends:

The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth by Christopher L. Heuertz:

The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile:

The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships by Suzanne Stabile

The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Richard Riso:

Podcast: Sleeping at Last

App: EnneaApp

Episode 5: Dr. Amy Beard. Dr. Beard is a functional medicine physician in Central Arkansas who has helped hundreds of people get off the cycle of a "pill for an ill." She practices what she preaches. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Episode 6: Kaka Ray. It's a week from the general election; we are in the middle of a pandemic and emotions are running high. How to handle it? Kaka navigates the path for us. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Episode 7: Joshua Kessler and Caitlin Cutt. They are both producers in the fabulous true crime space, and Caitlin even hosts her own true crime podcast called "Pretty Scary." I worked with these two professionals on a recent episode of "Twisted Sisters" on Investigation Discovery. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Episode 8: Jeff Matthews! For those of you who listened to us on the radio from 2006-2015, you will know why I used an exclamation point. He was the reason we were a successful morning show duo on B98.5. Click this link to listen to the episode.

Episode 9: Jenny Bradley. Her website is a great resource for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Click this link to listen to the episode.

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Episode 10: Larry West Jr. of LWestJr designs. Larry is an adorable friend who makes me laugh and helps me where it counts: decorating/designing things. You'll love him, too, if you haven't met him. You can listen to the episode here.

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Episode 11: Laurie Lewis of She is a delight and a faithful fasting advocate. Listen to her episode right here. #intermittentfasting #thinforlife #menopauseweightgain

Episode 12: Natalie Sanderon, my dear friend who knows everything about movies and tv shows, tells us what we should be watching right now. Here is the episode link. #netflix #amazonprime #hbo #apple+ #streaming #truecrime #comedy

Episode 13: Dr. Elena Zinkov is a naturopathic physician in Bellevue, Wash., and she has great advice on treating your thyroid and taking care of your hormones. Her website is here. The episode is here. #guthealth #hormones #thyroid

Episode 14: Dave Cawley, host of the podcast Cold. He brought such insight into his work as a journalist for this episode. If you're a #truecrime fan, you have to download this episode. It is here. #cold

Episode 15: Shannon Lea is the @autoimmunefoodie on social media. The girl knows her way around healing the body through nutrition. She was diagnosed at one time with more than seven autoimmune conditions, and she has fought a valiant fight to gain her life back. Check out her episode here. #health #guthealth #nosugar #glutenfree #wahlsprotocol

Episode 16: The trio of therapists from Tennessee Neurofeedback were terrific to kick off 2021. Kaka Ray, David Hampton and Nate Larkin hit it out of the park with their take on addiction, alcoholism and pandemic living. Listen to it here. #addiction #recovery #neurofeedback

Episode 17: Australia's intermittent fasting sweetheart Graeme Currie tells his journey of losing more than 130 pounds just by limiting his eating window to one hour a day and by cutting fast food and sugar. Very impressive. He's a best-selling book author already and a very successful podcaster. #intermittentfasting #australia #weightloss #lifechange

Episode 18: This is a great episode about addiction and alcoholism. David Hampton is a great guest. You must listen to this. Link is here. #addiction #alcoholism #christians #soberliving #sobriety

Episode 19: Melissa Radke is hilarious, guys. Hil. Ar. I. Ous. Listen to her episode here. She had a TV show on the USA Network in 2019. It's worth a peek, too. #theradkes #melissaradke

Episode 20: Gluten-free living. Is it possible? Listen to Elene Murray's story. She lost a ton of weight by adoption this lifestyle. Listen to her story here. #glutenfree

Episode 21: The Thyroid Reset Diet. Are you a thyroid patient? Dr. Todd Christianson helps solve the mystery by targeting iodine in the diet. You can download that episode right here. #thyroids #hashimotos #iodine

Episode 22: Natalie Ghidotti proudly wears the crown as the Queen of Public Relations in Arkansas. She came on to break down all the different social media platforms. Wanna know more? Then download the episode. #tiktok #clubhouse #snapchat #facebook #instagram #twitch

Episode 23: The one and only Dominique Sachse is my guest who you will adore if you don't know her already. She's candid, unpretentious and just gorgeous. She has #tipsforolderwomen about #lookingyourbest. #houston #houstonTV #littlerock #arkansas #podcast. Listen here.

Episode 24: Wow. This guy is the real. A board-certified cardiologist who practices functional medicine and steers people away from statins and surgery. Dr. Jack Wolfson is making things happen in the Phoenix, Ariz. area, and he definitely is helping people through this episode. Listen now!

Episode 25: We talk a lot about health on this podcast. What about your financial health? We gotchu. Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez schools us on paying ourselves first in this episode. Thanks to Aptus Financial for sponsoring this episode. Listen here.

Episode 26: Natalie Sanderson is my expert on all things streaming and what podcasts to listen to (besides this one of course). Listen to her episode here.

Episode 27: I can never get enough of intermittent fasting chat. It's why I started health coaching school. I love everything about it. And when you hear Paige Davidson's story, you'll want to start intermittent fasting tonight! This is her story here.

Episode 28: Joy Randolph is a delightful health coach in the UK. She has tips for women to live their best life. Check it out here.

Episode 29: I was thrilled to have the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, on my podcast for this Part 1. She's a great guest and you can see why she's loved by millions. The episode is here.

Episode 30: Part 2 of my chat with Ree Drummond.

Episode 31: The adorable Savvy Shields who was Miss Arkansas in 2016 and went on to win the crown of Miss America in 2017 was my guest. They don't come any sweeter or more delightful. Listen here.

Episode 32: Whoa. Warning: This is a powerful episode. It's a grief talk where I, the host, sniffled through the whole thing (I asked my engineers to edit my crying down but it's still apparent). The gals from Healing Starts With The Heart are fabulous. Listen here to start working through your grief or send the episode to someone who needs it.

Episode 33: This episode is my jam. I interviewed Wholisitic Health Boss Jenn Malecha, and I loved it. I am currently a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so I'm all about functional health coaching. Jenn is the real deal. Listen here.

Episode 34: Let's talk osteoporosis and how to reverse it. We did it on this episode with functional medicine doctor Amy Beard MD. This is a great episode about #womenshealth, #breasthealth and all things in between. Listen here.

Episode 35: Erika Thomas is an intermittent fasting rockstar. She's a television anchor in Ft. Smith, Ark., and she's lost more than 100 pounds thanks to IF. At the time of this recording, she's lost 60 pounds in nine months. Here is her story.

Episode 36: Learning disabilities. This is something that affects so many of us and our children, and we might not even know that's what the problem is. Dr. Marianne Cintron, a dyslexia expert, explained the struggles for dyslexic students. Listen to the episode here.

Episode 37: Bett Lucas is an adorable mom to six, champion intermittent faster and successful businesswoman. And she manages it all and makes it look easy. Listen to her journey with intermittent fasting on this episode here.

Episode 38: Natalie Sanderson is back with her picks for all streaming services. She's a delight and has the deets on what to watch. Listen to the episode here.

Episode 39: Dr. Stephanie Ryan makes science fun as an educator and has all the things to do for you with the kids this summer. Listen to the episode here.

Episode 40: Katie Haseltine is an engaging Enneagram expert and schooled us on all nine types. Get the scoop here.

Episode 41: Dr. Stephanie Rimka is a bada$$. That's the only term to describe her. She tells it like it is with your health. I'm off gluten for life now. Give it a listen here.

Episode 42: I can't go but a few weeks without dropping another intermittent fasting podcast episode. Star McEuen is a doll! She's a former personal trainer who's lost more than 80 pounds through intermittent fasting. Listen here.

Episode 43: We talk addiction with Kristin Agar of Little Rock, Arkansas. Kristin tells it like it is. Here is the episode.

Episode 44: The tables get turned. I get interviewed for this one. My friend Christina Lecuyer puts me in the hot seat. Listen here.

Episode 45: It's my financial power hour with two guests giving financial advice. First Robert Raymond Riopel and then Mike Duffy. You can listen to the episode here.

Episode 46: Ladies, this is for you. Dr. Christie Cobb is my guest, and we break down all things women's health. Check it out here.

Episode 47: Another impressive intermittent fasting superstar. Emily Harveaux has lost nearly half her body weight. And she's still killing it with her weight loss. She started at 300 pounds, and she is in the 150s now. Here is that episode.

Episode 48: Melissa McAllister looks like Sandra Bullock and can probably kick her butt. That's how impressive she is. She was my guest talking all things good health and of course, intermittent fasting is a part of her healthy lifestyle. Listen here.

Episode 49: Getting organized isn't easy for many of us. And then packing up your crap and moving is a bear for all of us. Katie Buchanan from LittleRockPaperScissors is your gal. She can help you rid yourself of unwanted stuff and help you get organized. She has helped me make a move after 24 years in the same home. Listen to her widsom here.

Episode 50: I clearly can't get enough of the success stories from intermittent fasting followers. Jennifer Bedford is a good one, too. Menopausal, sudden weight gain...she reversed it with IF. She's got her story right here.

Episode 51: I love when medical doctors take the approach of nutrition and healthy living options without the help of Big Pharma. That's how Dr. Mom, Nelli Gluzman, MD., looks at things. She'll help you get your kids to sleep and eat healthier in this episode.

Episode 52: Wow, I loved this episode. Because I can really see the connection between healthy living and essential oils. Dr. Eric Z. is the FATHER OF ESSENTIAL OILS. Ok, that's my opinion but you'll say the same thing after you listen to this episode.

Episode 53: This is one of those episodes that I will listen to again and again. Why? Because we all need help cutting out the crap we own. Giving it away. Repurposing. More stuff doesn't make us happy. Listen to Joshua Becker, the father of minimalism, on this episode and check out his @becomingminimalist information. Listen here.

Episode 54: Ben Tanner knows about fasting. And he's not afraid to share his knowledge because he's done the scientific research to back up what he preaches. Ben is the man behind Check out his site, and then head over to your device to listen to this.

Episode 55: Susan Metz is another intermittent fasting success story. As you can ascertain, I am partial to people who lose weight just by restricting the amount of hours in the day they are eating. Listen to her episode here.

Episode 56: Ok, people. This one BLEW MY MIND. It's the food lies we are told with the man behind the social media accounts and an upcoming film by the same name. Meet Brian Sanders, everybody, from @foodlies.

Episode 57: It's a one-year podcasting celebration with the gal who was my first guest. Gin Stephens, the "mother" of intermittent fasting, has done more great things in the year since she was on my podcast. Listen here.

Episode 58: Well, this guest is always fun. It's Natalie Sanderson, and she's the expert on all things streaming. It's our quarterly "What to Watch" episode. Download it here.

Episode 59: Lisha Knicely helps people get their thyroids right. Do you need help? Then listen to this episode to start feeling better.

Episode 60: Sheesh, I love me some intermittent fasting success stories, don't I? Keith McDonald hit this one out of the park with his amazing transformation. Listen here.

Episode 61: The #holidays are in 10 minutes. Are you ready for the drama, the fighting about health issues, and just all the craziness? Therapist Kaka Ray can help you maintain good mental health during the holidays. Listen here.

Episode 62: Do you suffer from #headache? My guest can help you. She's the Headache Nutritionist, and she can help you with the pounding ache of migraines and other headaches. Here's the episode.