Lisa Fischer

Pricing & Services

Options for partnering with Lisa Fischer for health coaching services are as follows:

Online Course

Online course for those interested in an intermittent fasting way of life. Lisa has been fasting since 2017 and has done the research with the help of leaders in the field including Gin Stephens, Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Ben Bikman. The first video is free.

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Intermittent Fasting Group Coaching

Lisa offers monthly zoom meetings for those interested in intermittent fasting but with her personal attention to you in a group with others. That is $125 for the month, and the meetings are typically during the week at 6pm central time. They are recorded and sent out the next day for those who miss. To join the next monthly Intermittent Fasting Group Coaching, email Lisa at

1:1 Coaching

Finally, 1:1 coaching for fasting and/or health coaching is available. That is $125/hr. To reach out, contact Lisa by clicking here.

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