A Day in the Life of Lisa Fischer

People have asked what my days are like now that I'm not running to the radio station to host a morning radio show. First, the answer is "around 6:30 or 7:00am." The question is, "what time do you wake up now?" I stay up until 11pm like a grown up, and it's marvelous. Then I wake up with pep in my step and start my day. Since I'm an intermittent faster (see the link on my website about that), I don't eat breakfast, so I shower, put on make-up and go out the door.


On Mondays, my first stop is at AY Magazine. I am a contributor there and sit with the talented staff who puts several award-winning magazines together. The publishers, editor, and all the sales people and creative folks meet on Monday mornings to discuss the next issue. Since I love the printed word and journalism, this is a natural segue for me from radio.


After my AY meeting, on this particular Monday, I did the routine things we all do. The bank and the drug store. This is easy when you bank at Regions and use a drug store named The Drug Store. They deliver. I heart these people. Holly and Philip Judd own it.



Then I went around the corner to my hair cut with Fontaine who's been cutting my hair and doing blow outs for several years now. She does my blow outs before my TV commercials at Ron Sherman Advertising which is a once-a-week commitment for me. I look my best (or rather, my hair does) and I have her to thank.


A girl's gotta eat, doncha think? So I stopped for the $6 lunch at Arkanas Heart Hospital where they serve their famous ramen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

It was so good.


I honestly forgot to take a photo inside but these are my people every Wednesday. It is the home of Ron Sherman Advertising and Production. (Recently, I went in on a Monday as I had lake plans for Tuesday-Friday.) Ron is the title holder in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Television Commercials in the solar system or something like that. I do commercials for markets all over the country and mainly represent Leafguard and other home improvement companies.


So I wrapped things up at 3:30pm at Ron Sherman's and then ran by the grocery store (photo above: sidebar: do you have one of these cute little grocery baskets? You so need one. Cynthia East Fabrics in Little Rock has them) and then met my son and we headed to the publisher of AY Magazine's house. Heather Baker hosted a little get together to show off a fun contest for people to sign up for and my son and I stayed for the burgers and the beer. Sadly, a photo wasn't taken but we shot a cute video which is on the Facebook page for AY Magazine

It was lights out at 11:00pm, and I set my alarm for 6:45am and did it all again. Just with different activities. But I'm busy and that is how I like to live my life. I didn't have to cook dinner that night because my husband was at a business dinner and my son and I ate at Heather's but that's a consideration and a priority when Kris is home.

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