Lisa Fischer

Carper Creative Photo: Love Life Stories

Amy Carper has the unique combination of a perfectionist’s eye, a nurturing spirit (more on that later) and a sweet ability to deeply connect with her subjects. That’s why I first chose her to use her gifting to photograph my children. The year was 2006. She hadn’t been in Little Rock long at that time. I had seen her wedding photography in High Profile in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I loved her artful approach to a wedding. She was doing some real artsy black and white photography, and I called her.Well, that was after I stalked her. In 2006, she might not have had a website even yet. But every Sunday, I would look for her photos, and I loved them. Then I met her. That’s what gets people every time. She loves people, and it shows.

I had never used a professional photographer to capture my children. We just had candids lying around from home cameras then. So I didn’t really know what to expect. My children came alive with her. They felt safe. I remember one of them saying that to me. I didn’t understand it then but I do now. She is so sweet to the kids and obviously loves children that she knows how to make them feel special. I was in the other room while she took the pictures but asked for a second session; she didn’t want a mother’s influence. She wanted them as who they are.

I’ll never forget the unveiling of the pictures. I wept like a baby as she played country music (I hate country music but what she chose was perfect!) And then without hesitation, I bought a bunch of those photos. I haven’t had my children photographed professionally since unless it was for their senior pictures (she did the older two) or wedding photography (her assistant did those because Amy was already booked. She gets booked up fast!)

Pardon me while I weep a moment to savor these moments of my (now grown) children from 2006.

Now if I can take a moment to brag about Amy Carper's servant's heart and love for others. Ask her about her trip to Mongolia where she witnessed the Tibetan monks and Buddhists start a school in a remote village in Asia. She exhibited Christ's love there. She loves people. It shows in her art, in her family, and in her work.