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G. Spinelli

G. Spinelli: An Arkansas Treasure

This is a sponsored post by G. Spinelli. All opinions on this line of jewelry are my own.

Gina Brockinton had this wild idea 18 years ago. She realized she was tired of the corporate world and wanted to do something where she was the boss and where she could raise her two children. It all started with that first peek at the stacked bracelet trend in 2000. Enter “G. Spinelli,” a company that creates gorgeous handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that every gal wants.

The name G. Spinelli is paying homage to her maiden name, Gina Spinelli. Which is how I know her. I’ve known Gina a long time; long before she became a name that retailers fight over who can sell her products. She travels to her customer’s stores, and they love it when she walks in. Merry Kline of Belle & Blush at the Promenade at Chenal says, “Customers love how relatable Gina & her brand are. Whenever we have trunk shows, you can just tell that she loves her customers and really gets to know each one.” She adds, “Our customers especially love pieces that can easily be layered into any outfit or with other jewelry.”

She does all the heavy lifting concerning being the FACE of the brand. She brings so much talent but also ingenuity and personality and you can see that in whether it’s a pearl necklace or swell pair of earrings. She and her team create things with gemstones and unique pieces only found by the treasure hunters that she employs. The pieces are so beautiful! Take a look at some of these photos.

This is the perfect line for brides, teenagers, mamas, you name it. There is something for every gal of every age. And it is priced so affordably. There are many pieces that are $35-$55; the piece I’m eyeing is $300. And worth every red cent! (It’s the white baroque pearl necklace if you’re interested.)

If you want to know her schedule for your Christmas shopping needs, then hop on over to There is a link for trunk shows and a really good look at the huge selection she offers.

I just solved your Christmas shopping dilemma for 2018. You can thank me later.