Lisa Fischer

Tanarah Luxe Floral Gives Back

I was just a part of the coolest thing! Tanarah Haynie of Tanarah Luxe Floral and Steven from her staff showed up at Robinson Center the weekend of the Miss Arkansas pageant and gave the city a gift. It was the gift of beauty. And it's something the team from TLF does often. It's part of their #flashfloralfriday where they decorate a typical object in the city with beautiful florals. Not old flowers. Not ugly flowers. But beautifully designed pieces that are custom done for that particular object. This time, it was the beautiful sculpture of the dancers at the venue. There was a fountain there for years, and after Robinson Center was renovated, the sculpture was installed. And now it has beautiful florals, a couple of halos and gorgeous ribbon. That's how they roll at TLF. They love this city, and they love giving back! You see it in everything they do.