Lisa Fischer

Your Eyebrows Are on Fleek, Girl

Eyebrows have come a long way since they were drawn on movie stars with what looked like a Sharpie in the 60s. Then girls went cray and tweezed them pencil thin (and sadly, they never grew back). Enter the 21st century. Yes, they are sometimes overdone but now there’s an option to keep you content for a couple of years. Microblading. I have several autoimmune conditions, and alopecia is one of them. That's the condition where you are balding. My one alopecia spot is on my right eyebrow. Plain as day, I have a round bald spot in my eyebrow. It’s just a tiny spot but it was very noticeable and was affecting my daily life. People would say, “Um, you over-tweezed.” And I would argue that I didn’t. Then they would say, "yes, you did." Back and forth until I went on a search for someone to do microblading.

I knew the look I wanted, and I didn't want the painted-on look. I wanted something where it looks like microscopic hairs are on my face LIKE EYEBROWS. That's the beauty of microblading. Myra Weaver has done mine and many people close to me. She's been microblading for over 20 years now. Reach out to her and see what she can do for you. Here's a link to her Facebook page. ​​​​