Lisa Fischer

Eyelash Review

This might be the most important post I have ever done. It's on eyelashes. And my quest to possess the perfect lashes. Read on.

It all started in about the sixth grade. Yes, I was an early eyelash lover. The gateway was the pink and green Maybelline Great Lash, but then the heavens opened up and

God gave us Aziza mascara. Who remembers this gem? This is what eyelash dreams were made of. But then life got interrupted, and I couldn't find Aziza at the drug store in my little hometown anymore. I was a rudderless ship. I was rocking that Dorothy Hamill haircut, green eyeshadow and the Aziza mascara during high school. Then I let my hair grow out, tweezed my eyebrows and all hell broke loose. And I couldn't find Aziza anymore. Senior year was not a good one.

Fast forward to 2008. I was introduced to eyelash extensions. They were delicious. Full and long. That was always my goal with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and the right mascara, but nothing could compare to lash extensions. But these were glued to my lash line every two weeks in which I faithfully would recline on a table for one whole hour. And I didn't even take an Adderall to help me with my fidgeting. But the years passed, and my eyelash gal retired. So I threw caution to the wind and had them removed.

Oh my. No one could have warned me of the look of a woman who had worn eyelash extensions for nine years. Yowza. I have short pitiful eyelashes as a result. That was two years ago. And I still have short pitiful lashes. Yes, I tried all the things regarding lash growth. And they work. But you have to do the application every day. I can't remember to shower every day; there is no way I am faithful to put on eyelash serum. (I kid about the showering, of course).

This is when I started down the rabbit hole of strip eyelashes. Let me begin by introducing you to the world of fake eyelashes.

This is a good starter kit. The Ardell lashes range anywhere from $3-5 a pair. You want the demi wispies or the faux mink wispies. I mean, you want people to know you have lashes, right? Ok, then don't complain.

This is the glue that an eyelash diva told me about. Use it. Yes, it might burn your eyes, but anything for beauty.

This was a comical experiment from the folks at One Two Cosmetics. Horrible results. My fat little sausage fingers couldn't get them to work. If you can do this task easily, you should get the Nobel Prize for Nimble Fingers.

I was sure when I found the MoxieLash that I had found my lash Prince Charming. I loved them. For 24 hours. The first day that magnetic liner was EVERYTHING. But honestly, by day three, the lashes no longer stuck to the lashes. That was nearly a hundy down the makeup drain.

Now onto two of my favorites: a local lash dealer here in Little Rock, Arkansas, and one from the world wide web. Let's start globally at first.


Please welcome Lilly Lashes to the stage (pictured above). I love these. I love every pair I've ordered, and I've ordered a bunch. They are pricier than Ardell, but they last about 20 applications. I like the band on them, and they bend well.

Finally, our local lash dealer in the 501 is Vanity Lashes. A gal at work would bat her gorgeous eyes, and she said her secret was the Vanity Lashes. She said she knew the proprietor, and I believe she is Kaye Withers (her business card was enclosed in the order.) I like doing business with local folk, so I gave them a try. I like them, and they are less expensive than Lilly Lashes.