Lisa Fischer

Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to Us

After 31 years of marriage, what can a girl expect for her anniversary? For me, I’ve already received enough jewelry, furs and trips around the world. So this past January 29th there was no passport needed or Brinks truck delivery. Does that mean the good times are over? Quite the contrary, as everyday is a good time with Kris Fischer.

On January 29, 1988, after dating just five months (you read that right), Kris and I married at Calvary Baptist Church in Little Rock. We didn’t have the big fairy tale wedding with 12 bridesmaids and 500 guests, I was never interested in such an event. There were only 20 family members invited to attend. I was a radio and TV personality at the time, and I felt like every aspect of my life was spilled out onto the airwaves each day, so I wanted something private just for us.

And what a ride the last 31 years has been. Has it all been unicorns and mermaids? Of course not, marriage is hard work. The good news for us is we’re both willing to work hard. If you’re not, marriage and life will be tough. What advice do I have for a long happy marriage? I used to jokingly say a "deep fryer" was the secret to a lasting marriage, as one of the ways to my man’s heart is serving him good food. I often counsel young married women and teach cooking classes to improve their skills in the kitchen. But I always teach that serving your man’s needs is the key, regardless of what room in the house you’re in. I know that’s not a popular thing to say in this politically correct period we find ourselves living in, but I speak the truth regardless of who I might offend. The truth is, working hard to improve yourself while serving the needs, wants and desires of your mate is the magic sauce, not the deep fryer.

Kris is perpetually a student of me. He does things to help me live my best life and be the best mom/wife/employee/friend. He's always challenging me and everyone he comes in contact with to improve our personal lives (or theirs), and he lives what he preaches. He is never one to sit idle. People think I have a lot of energy, but I think he has more. Right now, as I'm giving my fingers a workout typing this, he's upstairs completing the second of his two daily workouts that includes over a 1000 push ups (not a typo), and 200 squats, calf raises, crunches and curls. He never overeats, over drinks, or over talks. I on the other hand could easily do all of those things if Kris wasn’t around to remind me why those things aren’t good for me. That’s why we’re perfect for one another. We both work hard to improve ourselves every day while serving one another’s needs.

Now back to anniversaries where you’re not in a five star hotel suite or getting another diamond ring. As you can see in the photo, Kris planned a picnic on our anniversary at a piece of land we own overlooking the Arkansas River. He had some work to do there getting ready to start a new project on the same day, so to make the occasion memorable he planned for us to have one of our favorites for a lunch date, take-out Thai food. He brought pillows so I could recline in the back of the car and work on my computer writing articles while he marked trees that needed to be cut down. He never takes the day off of doing what needs to be done, and he's always thinking of me. That's why he has my heart. Are there ever times I think about cashing him in and living with my girlfriends in a commune? Sure, but then I remember Kris doesn’t like communes, and he’ll never come visit me there. Plus I bet they wouldn’t even have a deep fryer.

That's my warrior man below while working on our property.