I mean, come on. How cute is that grandbaby on the home page? I know that you're thinking you have a cuter one, and I get it. Yours is cuter. To you. But mine is so adorable and so precious and so perfect to us. This grandparenting is a great gig. You get to love on and indulge humans that you don't have to pay for. And you send them home with the humans who are responsible for them. We had been warned that we would love a child so much that we wouldn't be prepared. And it's true. My heart almost burst just this morning when I got to love on that baby before we went to church. She had spent the night with us for the very first time. My husband and I had been out hosting a party, or we would have come home earlier but by the time we got home, we were told it was almost her bedtime. You see, your kids have to send home notes on how to take care of a baby, because you have no earthly idea how to do it.

Yes, my oldest sent instructions, and I wanted to follow those instructions so that we would pass the entrance exam. We passed with flying colors. Baby was in bed at 10:31p.m. (instructions said "10:30 p.m." but a one-minute grace period was observed). But a crisis occured. WE WERE OUT OF DIAPERS. I realized it after I put on that last diaper at 10:29 p.m. So I snuck out to Wal-Mart at 7:00 a.m. this morning so she would be properly diapered after waking up. Then I got milk and other things we need, because it's Wal-Mart, and oh-so-convenient to my home.

Background on that first grandchild for the Fischers: our daughter married her college-sweetheart right out of college in what shocked the guests, a surprise wedding. They were 23. They told us the wonderful news on their first anniversary that they would be having a baby in June, 2017. Glory days! And she came on time and has been perfectly perfect ever since. My daughter retired from being a kindergarten and first-grade teacher immediately and is staying home with her baby while her husband finishes up physician assistant school. I find excuses to have them over: Don't you kids need to eat? I just made dinner. Do you need a break from the baby? Can I come over and sit with her? The answers are usually "yes, no, no" to those three questions. Sadly, my daughter isn't needy. (I shouldn't have raised her to be so self-sufficient, dang it). She seldom needs a "break" from the baby, but she and her husband hardly turn down a free meal. The way to a child's heart and her spouse IS THROUGH THE STOMACH. That should be in the Bible. It's gospel truth.

Just as I wondered after having my first child, does my heart have the capacity to love another tiny human? How does it have any more love to give? Well, it did. And I know it will when more grandchildren come our way. No pressure or anything, Fischer children. I'll be over here picking out names for the other ones you bring our way.

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