KATV viewers: Intermittent Fasting is easy!

I was on KATV in March, 2018, and I was able to talk with the crew there about intermittent fasting. Here is one of the most important things to consider when fasting: HOW TO CLEAN FAST. That means nothing except black coffee, unsweetened tea or water during the fast. No sugar-free gums or mints even. If you have to take medicine with a meal, do it during your feasting. It is your goal for your body to reach "autophagy" which allows a cellular clean-out and is when the magic happens. That often happens at hours 18 or 19 of clean fasting. So though someone told you that stevia is fine or Splenda, that person is wrong. Those substances cause the brain to recognize sweet and the pancreas releases insulin. We are trying to stay away from insulin. Until we feast. So I fast about 19 hours a day and then feast for 5. Not everyday. But pretty close. I have lost about 13 pounds but dropped a dress size and I feel great. No more bloating, no more digestion issues, no more food sensitivities. I love the way I feel! And you will, too. Of course, this is not medical advice and you should ask your healthcare provider about fasting. Please read up on it before you talk to your provider. Many are uninformed. This way of eating works and Dr. Jason Fung says it is the cure for obesity. Think about it: no more Type 2 diabetes medicines once your insulin levels and blood glucose are normal because you aren't feeding yourself every three hours. Please look for my other post on intermittent fasting that includes the books I recommend. Here is the link.

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