Lisa Loves Lipstick

How is it possible that I could like lipsticks as much as I do? Why isn’t it enough to own 10 different colors? Why do I have to have, say 25? And honestly, they are all so similar in color. I have dark brown hair, yellow-undertones but fair skin so I’ll take a mauve or anything close to that in every manufacturer available. My favorites? Oh, I adore the By Terry line. Ole Terry is a pro at this makeup thing. It’s a luxury line from the same woman who brought us the Touche Eclat from YSL. She went on her own and started this line, and I adore everything in it. It costs a little more than what you just picked up at Walgreens and worth every penny. The lip stain By Terry, the lip gloss By Terry; you name it, I like it. I have others I would marry including Chanel’s lip glossimer, and I’m almost too embarrassed to show you all of my lipsticks. OK. You twisted my arm. This is a snapshot of my favorites. Don’t judge. So you understand my love for lipstick, my husband once had a license plate personalized for me that was LIPSTCK1. Because just as the President flies, the plane is AIRFORCE1, every time I traveled by car, the car was known as LIPSTCK1. You get the point, I believe.

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