Marriage: How We Have Survived 30 Years

So much to say in so little space. I mean, how do I summarize my thirty years of bliss in one blog post? I guess, first things first. Marry the right person. I met my husband on a blind date after college. The problem was, I wasn't his date! A girl in Little Rock had approached me about going on a blind date with Kris Fischer's friend, Kevin Smith. I told her that I didn't go on blind dates, she pled, "You have to go! Kevin Smith is the son of a former TV broadcaster and he's friends with Kris Fischer." Two things piqued my interest. First, I am a TV broadcaster who remembered Kevin's father on KATV-TV, and second, Kris Fischer had a good reputation as a nice guy. So I went. The four of us went to an Arkansas Razorback football game in Little Rock and then went to dinner afterwards at a Mexican restaurant. I did my usual impressions, told funny stories and was my usual obnoxious self. When I went to the restroom, the girl leaned in and said, "I am so sorry. I didn't know she was so loud and obnoxious." Both Kris and Kevin said, "well, we think she's hilarious." Fast forward to a year later when Kris, who had been living in Dallas at the time of our double-date, had moved back to Little Rock, and we literally ran into each other at an old bar in what is now the River Market. That was August 15, 1987. Our first date was to Fellowship Bible Church and Chili's. Five and a half months later on January 29, 1988, we were married. Not even kidding. We both heard from the Lord separately to marry. He and I had the same desires for our lives (to serve the Lord) and he says that he knew I was the one because I put God first in everything and then everything else. It's the same template we have today. Have we had some rough patches? Oh, my, yes. But thankfully, we kept our eye on the prize of Jesus and have witnessed God's plans for our lives. We aren't finished living, so we have more rough patches and bliss ahead, but I wouldn't want to experience that with anyone other than Kris Fischer. He keeps me grounded. He is so sensible. He's extremely funny. He's the best at so many things (finances, house design, parenting) but where he has weaknesses, I have strengths. Some days we have a hard time even finding one thing to agree on, then other days, it's like we are the same person. That's marriage.

Share your marriage success stories. I'd love to hear them.

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