Lisa Fischer

Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups. Have you heard about them? They are peer-to-peer mentoring groups that allow people to go deeper in their relationships, business, personal lives, you name it. About a year and a half ago, I was approached to join one by professional golfer Christina Lecuyer. I had met Christina at a charity event years ago and was always impressed with her poise and drive. Obviously, to be on the professional circuit, one has to have not just the chops for the sport but the drive. My goodness, this woman has the drive. When she first asked me about wanting to meet for lunch to talk about a Mastermind group, I politely said that I don't sell multi-level marketing products, but thanks for asking. Not so fast, she said. She explained that she wasn't selling anything but wanting to see if I were interested in this concept. I checked it out ever-so-slightly online and said, "OK, I'm in." She said the other two women are outstanding butt-kickin' gals (just like Christina). Marietta McClure is the famous work-out queen in Benton, AR, and owner of McClure Fitness; the other, Kristi Dannelley, is the president of a huge printing company Magna IV in Little Rock, AR. So I knew I was the least of these. I have no business experience yet I was curious as to what we would do. We kicked it off with a lunch and then penciled in our Zoom calls for once-a-week while we were together so we could commit then and there to the project. Our plan was to do the Zoom calls weekly and then on the fourth week of the month, do lunch. Or something close to that. The Zoom calls were an hour long, and if you haven't done one, they are video conference calls, so be sure to put your lipstick on.

There was a lot going on in all of our lives at the time. Christina was about to start filming another reality TV show called "Shotmakers" for the Golf Channel; Marietta was embarking on online courses for her business, and Kristy is always busy with a staff, a husband, and two very active boys. And me? I knew I wanted to leave my morning radio show after 11 1/2 years but didn't quite know how I would reinvent myself. This group helped me so much define who I am as a media personality/social media influencer. Each gave me the best advice. Marietta once flatly said, "Girl, don't send me recipes in a newsletter. I'd never open it." I love candor! I don't have time to deal with people who just want to "blow sunshine up my skirt." I want REAL friends. Christina, a Canadian by birth, is extremely candid. Blunt, in fact. And I love that.

So after we finished our time as a Mastermind group, one of the members has moved on doing these types of groups not weekly but rather just for a weekend. Christina is hosting a three-day event in Austin, TX, in May, 2019, for anyone who wants more. It's the Decide It's Your Turn Mastermind.

From the It's the Decide It's Your Turn website:

"Ask yourself if these sound familiar:

  • "This is a great idea, but I could never actually do it."
  • "I don't even know who I am anymore."
  • "What will my family and friends think."
  • "This was not what I thought my life would look like."
  • "Who am I to speak up/ leave a secure job/ be an authority."
  • “I already invested so much of my life into this, I can't change now.”
  • “I am what I do."
  • “I’m too old.”
  • “I need to wait til my kids are grown.”

We're looking for women who know they were meant for more and want to focus their vision, work ethic, and talent on fulfilling their highest purpose. It's finally time to proclaim, "It's my turn!"

In one weekend we’ll help you move from...

  • Settling to Thriving
  • Fearful to Empowered
  • Unmotivated to Inspired
  • Clueless to on the right track

All you have to do is show up with an open heart, be ready to put in the work and DECIDE it’s finally your turn. You will be surrounded by community, inspiration and expertise.

You can feel it; you're so close to taking that step! Let us help you gain support and practical tools from women who are just like you, but they seem to be a little further down the road. Click here to join us May 16-18th for a women’s mastermind weekend totally dedicated to helping you take that first step to truly living a life you love."

It's eight women who are all boss babes in their respective fields who are the speakers including Christina. But it's going to be an engaging weekend. I remember last year when we were meeting with our little Mastermind group, Christina hosted her first one of these three-day weekend groups in Cali, and the women who attended went nuts. They laughed; they drank wine-they even exercised! Christina is a hard-worker and really loves investing in people. That's why she's doing these. She wants you to achieve your full-potential. Interested? You can use my discount code: DISCOUNT50 if you want to go.

Christina doing her golf thing above and helping out the Miss Arkansas charity below. She does tons of fundraisers.

Here is a video of Christina at a recent event in Little Rock. If profanity offends you, this might not be your cup of tea. Christina will tell you she was raised around guys and has been playing golf for more than 15 years. She's picked up a few swear words in her travels.