More tips on thank you note writing: The Grief Edition

This will be short and sweet. I have written before about the serious need for more thank you note writers in the world. Did you know that grown men get hired for jobs because as teenagers the kid wrote a thank you note to the CEO of a huge investment firm? That happened right here in Little Rock. And now the young man is a college student and works summers for said investment firm. THANK YOU NOTES MATTER. People remember them.

I do love writing them, and I enjoy receiving them. In my season of grief after my mother unexpectantly passed away in July 2019, I had to buy some bereavement cards from By Invitation Only. I called and asked for affordable foldovers with the following message: "The family of Sherry Gibson acknowledges with grateful appreciation your kind expression of sympathy." I ordered just 40. My father has received as many flowers, memorials and cards. My goal is to write thank you notes for the flowers and memorials. I don't know my energy level at this time to write a thank you note for a card received. He is a lawyer and some have come from lawyers and some have used electronic mail to deliver them. So guess what? I'm emailing them. Call it tacky; I call it efficient.

Since the front of the card has the guts of what needs to be said, I am keeping it short and sweet on the inside. Here's an actual note.

I typically go into more detail, but honestly, I haven't known but a few of these people. It would have been disingenuous to go on and on; I needed to thank them for the specific gift and move on. You see, part of the reason you write a thank you note is to just ACKNOWLEDGE the gift was received. It's hard to always know if a florist has delivered, or the USPS did or even if they got the package from a carrier. Write the thank you note. You will never regret it.

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