Nerdy Breaking Bad Fans Here

October 2019. Yup. We are those people who visited the sites from the fabulous "Breaking Bad" series that was famously shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we took our selfies in front of different locations. We began at the most heralded site on the series. That would be Walter White's home. It's very recognizable, but the current homeowner had to replace the roof because so many people threw pizza on it. (Memba that episode?) The story is the homeowners now sit in the front yard behind the fence, and the wife grouses at all who come by. We were there on a Tuesday morning at 9:30 am. Cranky Pants wasn't out there yet, and cars were coming by and stopping and photographing the front yard. There is even a sign reminding visitors to take photos across the street. To think, this was just Anytown, U. S. A. until the folks in California were imposing high taxes (duh, it's Cali), and the series' creator, Vince Gilligan, moved east to New Mexico. Brilliant move. It has turned this beautiful desert area surrounded by amazing mountains into a tourist hot spot for selfies in front of Mr. White's house as well as Jesse Pinkman's house (that was in an HBO production the day we went by) and many other notable locations. You name it, and we took a photo in front of it. The car wash? Got it. The laundromat? Have that, too. The pizza place? Dude, we ate there.

There are scheduled tours for this, but since it was Balloon Fiesta that week, the traditional tour was full, so we just went rogue. There is reportedly one tour that uses an old RV and drives out to the New Mexico desert whey they cooked the blue stuff. We finished up our holiday by watching "El Camino" which tells you what happened to Jessie after he escaped his situation. Wow, it's a great series. My husband actually started watching it again when we got back.

A quick side bar: here are some of our favorite restaurants while in Santa Fe. Fabulous city. Really good food.

Cafe Pasqual's. Love this place.

El Farol. Wow. Tapas and all the things.

Geronimo. Fine dining. Perfection.

Chocolate Maven. And the cutest bakery for high tea. I'm in love.

Have you been to the ABQ or dined in Santa Fe? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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