The Secret to Beautiful Skin

In just one word. Laser. Yep. An “intense beam of coherent monochromatic light” can remove skin blemishes, soften fine lines, eradicate those pesky brown spots and broken capillaries and even plump up your skin. How do I know this? Because I have seen the outstanding results of using Dr. Bruce Sanderson as my skincare guru; he first used the laser on my skin ten years ago, and it did all of those things. Brown spots-gone. Broken capillaries-gone. I prefer using Dr. Sanderson since I know he is the one who wields the laser wand and I trust him. And well, it's a laser. Those things used by inexperienced hands could permanently damage your skin. I also use the products sold at his office as they are sold only through physicians. If you are bothered by the obvious signs of aging and you don't want surgery, consider the laser.

For information on Bruce Sanderson, M. D., go to his website. Or call his office and talk to the girls there and schedule a free and private consultation.

I heard someone on a reality show recently say, "I might be 74; I just don't want to look 74." That's not my age, but I definitely have the same philosophy.

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