Father/son relationships

There was a party given in my honor to launch this website. It was a beautiful, over-the-top party at Cache Restaurant in the River Market in Little Rock, AR. Some 60 or so of my friends came and cheered me on as I said farewell to a morning-radio career and hello to new adventures in all things writing, digital, and website monetizing. There were two people obviously not in attendance. Where was my husband of thirty years and my only son? On a father/son adventure.

(That's my son with the crazy red hair. Good gracious, he needs to buy a hairbrush. That's his handsome father with him).

My feelings were a little hurt when I got the text from my husband two days before the party that he was flying to LA the morning of my party. "You can't. I have MY party that night." That was my reply. He texted, "Let's talk in person. Let's not communicate over text." I was in a meeting with my first website sponsor (girlie squeal) so when I left I called and said, "Sounds like you made up your mind." Kris said, "GIbson (our only son) has been asked to drive a Tesla from LA to Little Rock. And it has to be done Friday." (Gibson had already informed me he couldn't make the party because he would be going to LA plus he lives in Baton Rouge and is in summer school at LSU so it really wasn't something he had planned to do. It didn't offend me. He surprised me for my birthday last January and I'm still relishing in that glory.) Kris went on to say, "I don't want to miss out on a father/son adventure like this." I realized that this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip that two grown men could solve the world's problems without a meddling mother or sisters who need them to move furniture or bring their luggage in (the men always do the heavy lifting in our home). Plus there are other elements going on here. One, I'm an extrovert. Extroverts LOVE a party and sometimes forget their dance partners at things like this. And second, Kris' no-show wasn't something that said, "I don't support you." That man has been my cheerleader for almost 31 years. He is the one who has helped me formulate and plan my new venture and is the only reason I was able to pull the trigger. He is the king of objectivity so when he says something is good, you go with it.

The other impetus for the urgency to do this now is that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. Our best friend dropped dead of a heart attack and left a widow who assumed they had more time together. I now think of them when I think I'm going to put off something. Another reason: I had planned to post about a very interesting man I met last month who had been sentenced to prison for 50 years for his 80 robberies and turned his life around. I met him when I bought a washer/dryer from him for some rental property. I asked his permission four weeks ago if I could tell his story (he already had published a book -buy it. It helps his widow) and had planned to do the post next week. I saw on social media and the news he was killed in a motorcycle accident six days ago. Of course, I wanted to do the post to honor him not memorialize him. But I have a regret that I put something off. I don't want to do that again.

If you have someone you need to spend time with, DO IT NOW. I have tears in my eyes as I post that. Is there someone you need to extend a hand to in an olive-branch of forgiveness? DO IT NOW. You can avoid regret later by addressing these things now. You'll sleep better tonight knowing you did. And if your father ever asks you if he can ride shotgun on a trip across country, tell him yes. It will be a memory you will forever cherish.

(This is hands-free driving that a self-driving car like a Tesla provides.)

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